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SEI Capability Maturity Model Integration

We offer Process Improvement and Project Management consulting with a focus on the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI©). Our services include preparation for SCAMPI Appraisals, "Introduction to CMMI" training, consulting, and staffing your organization with CMMI trained and experienced consultants. Haigh Group works in association with Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Transition Partners and SEI certified SCAMPI Lead Appraisers.

We provide a cost effective, customized approach that helps you realize the benefits of implementing a comprehensive plan for Product and Service based Process Improvement (PI) in your organization. We work to provide you with a rapid transfer of knowledge to enable your organization to build a self-sustaining, lasting system for continuous improvement in quality, efficiency, and return on investment.

Our senior consultants have received extensive training in the CMMI and its related SCAMPI Appraisal Methodology from the Software Engineering Institute. The SEI has certified our CMMI® Instructors and associated Lead Appraisers to conduct third party CMMI® Training and SCAMPI Appraisals.

Additionally, our senior consultants have many years of hands on experience in building and implementing process improvement programs for organizations like yours. Our process consultants are recognized specialists in the field of quality management. If your goal is to successfully realize the proven benefits of CMMI, look to Haigh Group to provide you with training, guidance, and hands-on assistance along the way.


Process Baseline and GAP Analysis Assessment

"If you don't know where you are, a map won't help." - Watts Humphrey

Haigh Group offers a Process Baseline and Gap Analysis Assessment to establish where your process improvement program is operating relative to the CMMI model. Our gap analysis covers all of the Process Areas of the CMMI model.

The scope of work for this assessment includes interviews with your key staff and reviews of typical process work products used in the development or your products and delivery of your services.

The deliverable is a detailed report with recommendations on improvements your quality program, areas where your program is compliant with or exceeds the practices in the CMMI model and a road map for achieving the your desired level of improvement.

CMMI Training Classes

Haigh Group offers a number of training courses aimed at helping staff from senior management to engineering and development professionals to understand the CMMI models. These training courses can be used to create lean, agile and very powerful process improvement programs to remove waste from process streams and put more profit on the bottom line. Standard courses are described below:

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  • "Introduction to CMMI® for Development" - this is the standard SEI three day course for the development model. It is delivered by an SEI Certified instructor and satisfies the SEI prerequisite for all Appraisal Team Members performing a Development Appraisal, as well as for those taking advanced SEI courses such as the Intermediate Concepts of CMMI, CMMI Level 2 for Practitioners, and others.
  • "Introduction to CMMI® for Services" - this is the standard SEI three day course for the Services model. It is delivered by an SEI Certified instructor and satisfies the SEI prerequisite for all Appraisal Team Members performing a Services Appraisal, as well as for those taking advanced SEI courses such as the Intermediate Concepts of CMMI, CMMI Level 2 for Practitioners, and others.
  • Overview of CMMI - This executive level course is designed to familiarize senior management with the fundamentals of the CMMI model as a process improvement framework. Topics include the structure of the model, how to use the model to build a lean, agile process improvement program. The course also includes some return on investment information based on the performance of other organizations that have successfully used the CMMI model in several industries. This is a one day course that can be tailored down to a half day depending on the needs and availability of management.

Haigh Group has a variety of custom developed courses and workshops can be easily tailored to suit your organization. Some topics include:


  • Workshops and Training on Building "Process Implementation Indicator Databases" (PIID) - includes topics such as how is the PIID used in an appraisal, constructing a PIID to ensure compliance of your processes and templates with the CMMI model, tips on constructing a PIID for ease of use by the Appraisal Team, ensuring that your work products are linked into the PIID, the difference between Direct and Indirect evidence, selecting the most appropriate evidence for each practice in the model. Workshops are often augmented by one-on-one mentoring and coaching with project staff and Process Engineering Group members to come up with a PIID that will simplify and speed up the work of the Appraisal Team.
  • Project planning fundamentals - includes topics such as development of the work breakdown structure (WBS), estimating work packages to understand effort and cost, selecting appropriate life-cycles for the project and the product or service, building budgets and schedules, staffing and resource management, training and the acquisition of skilled teams, involvement of project stakeholders, management of project generated work products, managing configurations of work products into useable baselines, planning for managing commitments, planning for project risks and risk management, planning for Quality Assurance activities, planning for project success and metrics for assuring that success, developing an integrated project plan and securing acceptance of the plan.
  • Quality Assurance Fundamentals for Practitioners - includes some QA theory and historical background. At the completion of this course the practitioner will be able to build a Quality Assurance plan, schedule QA activities, conduct process and work product inspections, identify, track, and work with project teams to resolve non-conformances, report on QA activities to Management, maintain quality records. Practitioners should have experience in product or service development and delivery.
  • Quality Assurance Fundamentals for Managers - includes some QA theory and historical background. At the completion of this course managers and project team leads will be able to recognize the value of the Quality Assurance practitioner, and participate in building a QA plan and schedule of QA activities. They will understand the value of process and work product inspections, resolving non-conformances, and be able to read and interpret QA quality records. Managers should have experience in product or service development and delivery.

Process Development & Implementation Support Consulting

Haigh Group has a variety of consulting and support offerings to help you develop, document, and implement your processes into a lean and agile quality based method of operation. Some of the main areas of support include the items below:


  • Process Development and Implementation Support for all Process Areas
  • Workshops and "Deep Dive" Training for all CMMI Generic and Specific Practices
  • Development and delivery of custom process training for all areas

Appraisal Preparation & Appraisal Coaching

Haigh Group has several consulting options for you in order to prepare the organization for a SCAMPI Appraisal.


  • Readiness Reviews for Appraisal Preparation - includes one-on-one time with your project teams to help them understand how to best prepare and present evidence of process compliance to facilitate the work of the Appraisal Team.
  • Appraisal Coaching - for preparing organizations for SCAMPI appraisals. This option involves in depth work with project teams to ensure that they understand how their processes and artifacts are compliant with the CMMI model. Coaching also includes topics such as an overview of the appraisal process, understanding what evidence will be looked at during the appraisal, understanding the objective of interviews of project staff during the appraisal, how the project teams can help the appraisal team. Additionally, this coaching helps the project team prepare for the interviews that will be conducted by the Appraisal Team. Well prepared project teams will know what to say and how to say it during an interview. Being truthful in an interview is of paramount importance. Being able to articulate the truth and sound comfortable discussing it is the main objective of this effort.

    Appraisal coaching is not aimed at building an artificial front to convince the Appraisal Team that work is being done when it is actually not. The objective is not to attempt to trick the appraisal team. Quite the opposite is true. Appraisal coaching is most powerful when it is done just prior to a Readiness Review to ensure that the project staff understands how to prepare for an appraisal. It is aimed at helping the organizations project teams be comfortable with the Appraisal Team, understand what the Appraisal Team is interested in learning about the daily activities of the project teams, help project teams talk about all the ways in which following their processes leads to successful projects.
  • Participation in SCAMPI Appraisals (all classes) - It is very important for an appraisal team to be knowledgeable about not only the processes of the organization, but also about how those processes demonstrate the appropriate implementation of the CMMI model. Appraisal Team members that come only from the appraised organization can have a difficult time bringing sufficient and deep knowledge of the model into the appraisal setting. This leaves the Lead Appraiser with the full responsibility of conducting the appraisal, being the sole interpreter of the model, and acting as the final arbiter regarding any questions about the model. External Appraisal Participants can solve this problem. "Externals" bring a wealth of knowledge about how the model is interpreted and can help the rest of the team understand better and certainly quicker how to evaluate evidence and come to conclusions on appraisal evidence. Experienced "Externals" can greatly speed up the work of an appraisal team and ensure that the highest quality result is achieved. They have experience in multiple appraisals and are an asset to any Appraisal Team. Haigh Group consultants are very experienced in being on SCAMPI Appraisal Teams.
  • SCAMPI Appraisals - Haigh Group maintains affiliations with a large number of SEI Transition Partners and can arrange for an SEI authorized Lead Appraiser to conduct a SCAMPI appraisal of your organization.

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